First Stirrings of Spring

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Here we are – the first Stirrings of Spring.   

I will be taking a short break from the Intuitive Plant Tasting and Meditation Workshops so there is more time to focus on the Fertility Massage and Doula Training courses I adventurously took on at the same time!

I am already learning so much and discovering more about myself which will undoubtedly strengthen and expand how I currently work with all you lovely Earthlings.

There has been some beautiful crisp, clear, blue sky and beaming sun filled days recently. My favourite thing to do on these days is to close my eyes, face the sun and think.

“Welcome Back Golden Sunshine Smile”

The gradually lengthening hours of daylight bring hope and promise to the new season – have a look and see which buds and young plants are pushing though and use them as a reminder that this time of year is all about Growth.

So now is the time to nurture your projects as if they were freshly sprouted seedlings needing care and attention. Believe in them and they will bring light and growth to the world.

Trust in yourself and your projects and look out for signposts directing you to the path that will allow your projects to Flourish.

Here at Red Earth I wish you every success in your plans and projects.


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