I am a Red Tent Doula…..What does that mean?

Well, the Red Tent is a gathering of women who witness each others stories, without judgement and in confidence. We stand beside other women, raise them up, hold the space for them and know that in this space we too can break down and still be considered strong.

Through my training with Nicola Goodall from the Red Tent Doula Preparation Programme I strongly uphold their values, my values.

‘I believe that all women should have a safe place to go where they are surrounded by love, wisdom and support. I embody self care and self love so that I can support a woman to help herself and choose the way that is right for her and her family, while being held in a space of nurturing and empowerment’

I serve many women in my community, through everyday life, through pregnancy, through birth and through the post-natal days, weeks, months sometimes. I am here, I am present.

I am currently a Doula UK Mentored Doula which means that I have a mentor – Callie. She’s a gem, I knew when I saw her picture that she was my mentor. This means that Callie will offer me support and guidance throughout my journey with you. She’s kind of like my Doula I suppose!


Your Investment in Me:

1st visit: this is relatively informal and you can ask me all the questions! This is to decide whether or not we are suited to working together. This is a beautiful, powerful journey you are on and you will want to make sure you find the right person. If it isn’t me, I can help you find the person that is!

2-3 home visits – antenatally: in these visits we will begin with your expectations and needs. We will cover your options, choices, ideas; Where and How you’d like to give birth. One of these visits may include your partner being present, they might need support on this journey too, or may need some guidance on how to best support you.

Your investment: £50 per visit.

On-call from 38 -42 weeks: You can call me 24/7, if you have any questions, concerns, if you feel baby is on the way. I will come to you and stay with you throughout the whole birth journey if you want me to.

Birth: For the length of time you would like me present.

Your investment for on-call and birth: £400

1-2 visits post-natally: Usually within the first 6 weeks after birth, I can come and support you with breastfeeding or simply holding the baby so you can sleep, shower, eat!

Your investment: £50 per visit

I can be available after this time too: bringing care bundles, food packages, tidying up, cooking cleaning, keeping you company. Everyone is different and hold different needs.

Your investment: £10/hour

What’s first?

Drop me an email, or call me, or book online for a free 20 minute ‘Wellbeing Consultation’. Or if you’d like to go straight ahead to interviewing each other book online for a free ‘Initial Doula Interview’, your partner is welcome too!

We can sit and drink tea and chat and get to know each other before we make any decisions.

I look forward to hearing from you